About us

About us

We are a new brand in the consulting sphere, founded by a team of specialists who have been working in the field of business set up and business support around the world, visa and immigration issues.

We promote ourselves as neo lawyers in keeping with the principles of  digital communication and work.

Our value is fast and high quality work without Hour-Long Meetings, processes and "human factors".

Why choose APPLAW

Best lawyers for Digital Business

We are focused on skills and experience for digital business

Fast work

Fast and high quality work without Hour-Long Meetings

Easy Start

We work without bureaucracy, unnecessary documents and processes

Highest Level of Privacy

We keep your secrets and protect them from competitors

Our policies

Due diligence policy

We check all suitable business opportunities for the client, taking into account his specific of the business and the protection of his interests

Promptness policy

We provide up-to-date information on legal requirements and business opportunities in different countries

Service control policy

We regularly monitor the quality of work of our managers, collect consumer feedback to improve our service.

Liability Guarantee Policy

We provide guarantees as part of the provision of the Service Agreement, we indicate for which areas we are responsible

How we work

You leave a request
We contact you through messenger or any free social media
You set a task
We proceed without Hour-Long Meetings and calls
You receive fast and high quality business solution