Planning investment immigration: main details and benefits
Getting a second passport for investing in another country is a pretty realistic task
Over the past few years, more and more states offer foreigners special residency programs for investing in their economies.

AppLaw experts prepared some tips for you to pay attention to when applying for such a "golden visa".
 Advantages of investment immigration
You will be able to become a resident of the country and enjoy all or most of the privileges of a citizen, bypassing the long process of naturalization.
In some countries, you will not need to live for several years before obtaining a passport. Depending on the amount of investment, it will be enough for you to continuously stay on the territory of the state, on average, from several months to half a year.
You will be able to move your family easier and faster.
You will have a legitimate alternate "airfield" to relocate there any time you want.
Investment process
The investment can be made in several forms.
The first option is mandatory in most cases: you actually have to pay the state to get a passport. However, this fee will not be returned to you.

After that, other formats are open before you.
In some cases, you will be able to obtain residency for a charitable donation, which you also will not be able to get back.

Alternatively, you can invest the same amount in bonds

Government bonds will be less risky, but also less profitable. Corporate bonds, on the other hand, can bring in more if the company is successful on the stock market, but you can also lose some of the money with the same probability.

The same rules apply to investment funds, which also require you to figure out which areas are best to invest in.
Real estate and business
The next quite popular option is the purchase of the real estate. Both residential and commercial properties may be suitable for immigration purposes, as well as long-term leases in some cases.

And finally, the most time-consuming process is opening a business in this country. For residency purposes, you will need to:
show a business plan with a set of goals to earn a certain amount of money
prepare a resume with your experience and reputation in this field
create a certain number of jobs
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